The view from above: Iceland

After almost four months, we’ve finally edited our video from Iceland.

Please have a watch, we’re very proud of it!

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Lunch in Terrebonne, Quebec

A random road trip adventure – that’s what we did this weekend when we ate lunch in a small village just north of Montreal called Terrebonne, Quebec.

To be honest, it wasn’t totally random. We had to make a stop in Montreal to pick up something, so while we were there, we explored the suburb — which I found out about while researching nearby, pretty cities.

Our first stop – smoked meat sandwiches …. we picked a local, small restaurant called BYGS. Can I just say it was delightful!

Bygs Smoked Meat Bygs Smoked Meat Bygs Smoked Meat Bygs Smoked Meat

And of course, we explored the Ile des Moulins – various mills dating back to as far as the mid 1700s. The area has been designated a historic site but the Government of Quebec. And according to Wikipedia, “Four years following the construction of the flour mill that is currently standing at the Île-des-moulins to this day, the Moulin neuf (New Mill) was built in 1850. In addition, around the same time in 1850, the seigniory office was established.”

Terrebonne Terrebonne Terrebonne Terrebonne

One more site we checked out was the church in town – Paroisse Saint Louis, constructed in 1877.

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Throwback Thursday: Belfast, United Kingdom

It’s another installment of my throwback travel series! Today, I’m continuing my United Kingdom journey, but this time I am focusing on Northern Ireland — more specifically Belfast.

Last week, I re-shared my England posts, and this week, get ready as I take you back to April 2008, Easter weekend, when I walked the streets of Belfast and went as far north as Giant’s Causeway.

I’d like to go back to Ireland one day and visit Dublin.

Belfast belfast belfast belfast belfast

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Snow Day

A dumping of snow! That’s what we woke up to this Sunday. And our little Jimmy Dean quite enjoyed watching it fall.

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Throwback Thursday: London, United Kingdom

This week, as I continue my travel photo throwbacks, I’m going to take you back to 2012 when I visited London England on my United Kingdom adventure. I stayed in the UK for about two weeks, and while I was there, I visited Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

This trip was the first time I traveled alone (on a plane). I stayed with my good friend, Lisa, in Luton for the majority of it. I also ventured out on my own on a few excursions, including Abbey Road, and Windsor Castle.

I shared the original posts many years ago, but I will be re-sharing in the coming days with freshly edited material. Until then, here is a refresher – some images from London, England.

London, England London, England London, England London, England London, England Big Ben, England London, England Kensington Palace

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