Rockin shades

Whether it’s driving through Durham’s back roads or swimming in sparkling Caribbean waters, these pink Boathouse shades are a must-have, at least for me.

What can I say? I have sensitive eyeballs.


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The little things

One of my main goals this summer: find loveliness in the smallest of things.

We are constantly surrounded by worldly charms – whether it’s outside our front door, en route to work, or vacationing at Blue Mountain. Beauty is simply everywhere.

To help me accomplish – or at least try to accomplish – this project, Β I recently purchased a Sigma 70-300mm macro telephoto zoom lens.

littlethings-2 littlethings-1

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There’s a world out there

My 3-year-old tabby cat Jimmy Dean is a beautiful, quirky, and energetic thing. He’s constantlyΒ getting himself into trouble – stealing jewelry, unravelling toilet paper, and chewing on television cords.

But I’m never mad at him for long. It’s hard to stay angry at a face like this.


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Deep greens and blues are the colours I choose

James Taylor sings, “With ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go … ” – and for so long I’ve tried to capture those words in a photo.

I think I’m getting close.

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Nothin sweeter than summertime

To a lot of Ajax residents, by the lake is home. It’s a place where you can lose track of time; a place for family; a place for friends; most certainly a place for picnics, and early morning jogs.

But despite the sparkling waters from afar, I wouldn’t suggest taking a dip in Lake Ontario – at least not in the Ajax waters.

Serena1 Serena-2

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