Paul Brandt in Oshawa

He’s one of my absolute favourite musicians. His charm, passion, kindness, and philanthropy work make him someone I’ve admired from afar for years. Paul Brandt was in Oshawa this week, and is truly one of Canada’s best country artists.

This was my first time seeing him in concert – and trust me, I’ve been waiting a while for this. He headlined at the Regent Theatre in Oshawa, Ontario – home to Durham College and UOIT students.

Paul’s concert was more than I expected. He played on stage for just over two hours, he signed something for every last fan, and his onstage stories seemed intimate and candid. Did I mention he also got the city’s jargon correct … dirty ‘shwa, anyone?

To all my country gals and boys, let’s raise our glasses to Paul Brandt: the finest cowboy there is.

paul1 paul2 paul3 paul4


Recently, Paul tweeted this post. I just wanted to thank him! < 3


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I’ll be home for Christmas

With less than a month away from Christmas, I am quickly shifting into holiday overdrive. I’ve begun gift shopping, I cracked out the seasonal music almost a month ago, and I’ve put up my own Christmas tree … in my bedroom. Weird or passionate? I’ll opt for the latter.

But Christmas doesn’t only mean gifts, chocolate and Santa – although, that is pretty appealing. The holidays mean so much more to me. I get to see my family and I reunite with my friends, and I mean my very best friends.

When I think back to almost a decade ago, grade 9, I remember studying for finals, sledding down hills on giant pieces of cardboard, and I remember walking home with my first crush … an almost 45 minute walk home.

xmas3 xmas1 xmas2 xmas4

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Parachute School of Toronto

I had the time of my life this past weekend – Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying” pretty much sums it up. After dreaming about skydiving for years, I finally mustered up the courage, visited the Parachute School of Toronto – and more importantly, found a few other newbies who wanted to try it with me!

We headed to Baldwin, On., where the school is located – complete with a morning of diving, laughs, and tummy butterflies.

Their experienced instructors took us 13,500 feet into the air, where we jumped out of the aircraft. Their staff, instructors, and media gurus (I pick the word ‘guru’ because it takes a sh!t load of skill to jump out of a plane and open your parachute, all while taking photos and videos) were as nice as ever.

Do I recommend this? I HIGHLY recommend it.

sky sky1 sky2 sky4

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Church Street

The Town of Ajax recently renovated one of our oldest churches, St.Francis de Sales, located on Church St. in Pickering Village.

These photos were captured before the changes and add-ons; St. Francis and Church Street’s surroundings at their finest.


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You’re my summertime

Generally, I am not a fan of summer. Let’s be honest: it’s hot, sticky, UV rays scare the sh!t out of me, and I think I have a sweating problem.

But despite my natural instincts to stay indoors, hide away in an air conditioned house, and stare at my beautiful Backstreet Boys posters … sometimes you have to suck it up, embrace it, and enjoy the sun!

cobourg1 cobourg2 cobourg3
cobourg4 cobourg5

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