The little things

One of my main goals this summer: find loveliness in the smallest of things.

We are constantly surrounded by worldly charms – whether it’s outside our front door, en route to work, or vacationing at Blue Mountain. Beauty is simply everywhere.

To help me accomplish – or at least try to accomplish – this project,  I recently purchased a Sigma 70-300mm macro telephoto zoom lens.

littlethings-2 littlethings-1

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There’s a world out there

My 3-year-old tabby cat Jimmy Dean is a beautiful, quirky, and energetic thing. He’s constantly getting himself into trouble – stealing jewelry, unravelling toilet paper, and chewing on television cords.

But I’m never mad at him for long. It’s hard to stay angry at a face like this.


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Deep greens and blues are the colours I choose

James Taylor sings, “With ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go … ” – and for so long I’ve tried to capture those words in a photo.

I think I’m getting close.

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Nothin sweeter than summertime

To a lot of Ajax residents, by the lake is home. It’s a place where you can lose track of time; a place for family; a place for friends; most certainly a place for picnics, and early morning jogs.

But despite the sparkling waters from afar, I wouldn’t suggest taking a dip in Lake Ontario – at least not in the Ajax waters.

Serena1 Serena-2

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And I see your true colours

Shooting this collection of Lisa Marshall was particularly important to me – not only has she been a life-long friend, but she is an all around beautiful person inside and out. Miss Marshall impacts the lives of everyone she encounters, always for the better. Her glowing personality and her drive to succeed is inspirational.

The photographs were shot along Duffins Creek, the same path I used to take while walking to grade school. Despite the ever-changing town of Ajax, somehow this location has remained the same: peaceful and meaningful, at least to me.

LM-1 LM-2

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