I’ve got no defense for it; it’s witchcraft

The Pickering Village Jazz Festival is an event I’ve attended for eight years in a row, and nothing was going to stop me from checking out the 2011 “Jam.”

Generally, Ajax hosts a three-day Jazz festival in the village; but due to construction this year, the town only held a one-day event – and despite early morning showers, the sun finally made its appearance in the late afternoon.

Sometimes I think I should have been born in the 1940’s, when swing and jazz owned the airwaves.  Nothing quite gets under my skin like Sinatra’s witchcraft, his wicked witchcraft.

jazz1 jazz2 jazz3

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This night is sparkling

Sometimes the most interesting photos are captured in the evening, with the glowing lights on buildings, sidewalk corners, and – in this case – on a playing field. Located by the lake, Ajax has some of the most beautiful structures, including its community centre and recently renovated hospital. The photos below were taken near the Ajax Community Centre, facing Falby Court.

But the best thing to do there? Write with light in front of the apartment buildings, obviously.


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WindReach Farm: Some kind of wonderful

It wasn’t so long ago when I made my first visit to Ashburn, Ontario’s WindReach Farm; it was in 2008, when Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan donated horses for the charity’s therapeutic horseback riding program.

WindReach was founded in 1989, and is designed to meet the needs of individuals with a variety of disabilities. The charity farm offers wheelchair accessible pathways, trails, buildings, barns and stables.

Oh, and did I mention it is located on absolutely breath taking grounds?

wr-3 wr-4 wr-1

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I wanna fly

Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby, On. is a fantastic place to spot all types of wildlife. It provides a great habitat for birds and acts as an important stopover point for waterfowl and shorebirds migrating along the north shore of Lake Ontario.

The conservative area also has excellent trails, with a picturesque setting the whole route.

geese-1 geese-2 geese-3

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In the village

Pickering Village, ironically located in Ajax, is one of my favourite spots in the Durham Region. With little quaint shops, like That Chocolate Shoppe By the Lake (yum!) and the Pickering Village Ice Cream Shoppe, the feel and historical look of the area is unlike anything else in the region. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

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