Happy Christmas Eve from the boys

Happy Christmas eve to all! And after a request by London Calling blog, I have decided to share some recent photos of Jimmy Dean and Sir Elton John who are all snuggly for the holidays!

I hope everyone is just as warm and happy as the two fellas!

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Snow Day

A dumping of snow! That’s what we woke up to this Sunday. And our little Jimmy Dean quite enjoyed watching it fall.

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Happy 3rd birthday, Sir Elton!

Three years ago, we welcomed Sir Elton John, the lavender-coloured Russian Blue, into our home.

We don’t know his exact birthday, but the vet guessed he was one-year when we adopted him on this day in 2014.

Now he is a healthy three-years-old! Join me in wishing him a Happy Birthday!


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Bonjour, August!

It’s August 1st! What better way to welcome the month ahead with a quick snap of me and my little guy!

A bit of a rainy start, but I am excited to see what new adventures and opportunities arise over the next 31 days.


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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! How did you spend it?

Hopefully you enjoyed a yummy dinner with family or friends, and had some quality time to reflect on your blessings and to think about those in need.


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